Govt. of Punjab , School Education Department with the help of CEO(DEA)s & District Education Officers ( EE-M ,EE-W ,SE) has desired to undertake awareness events on surroundings of ( Out of school children) population .

In this regards, different activities may be conducted to enroll out of schools children. These activities may be as given below.

  1. Stalls ( Results , PEC/BISE ,qualified teachers , scholarships programs , Art work or different materials of similar kind may be displayed )
  2. Pamphlets Distribution
  3. Announcements via Imam Masajids , Teachers
  4. Games Competitions
  5. Involvement of community  Leaders , Senior Citizens

etc. List of schools are attached .

Date for these events will be announced later on. Preparations may be started as soon as possible.

Download attached documents.

  1. Instructions for Awareness Events
  2. Prioritized List of School for Awareness Events
  3. Sample Pamphlet