To enhance student achievement to reach requirements for high school graduation and post secondary success. focus on development of knowledge and skills necessary for high school graduation, the workforce and post-secondary options.


I am delighted to introduce myself as the Chief Executive Officer(District Education Authority) Multan and wish to share my thoughts about present and prospective profile of Secondary School Education in Multan.

I am extremely proud to speak that we are progressively developing school education in Multan District facilitating Teachers and Students ,Communities  for a productive environment . We plan to build upon wonderful successes by promoting a culture of academic enquiry among students and faculty, introducing modern modes of quality teaching, managing and executing all legal issues.

Faiz Abbas

Chief Executive Officer(DEA), Multan

Verification of seniority lists of PSTs ,ESTs , SSTs, SS by the teachers

The District Education Officers (EE-M) & (EE-W) Multan have prepared tentative Seniority Lists of PSTs and ESTs for...

E-Transfer phase for all categories has been announced.

for more details, click on the link below: ٹرانسفر فیز

ایم اے ایجوکیشن اور بی ایس ایجوکیشن، بی ایڈ کے مساوی قرار

محکمہ تعلیم کے حالیہ جاری کردہ نوٹیفیکیشن میں ایم اے ایجوکیشن اور بی ایس ایجوکیشن، بی ایڈ کے مساوی...

Revised Leave Rules 1981 (Updated)

Government of Punjab has made ammendments in Revised Leave Rules 1981. A notification bearing No. FD.SR.II/2-97/2019 , was...

Face of Firaun!

The face of ancient Egypt's most powerful pharaoh, Ramesses II, can be seen for the first time in 3,200 years thanks to a...

Official Duty by the orders of CEO (DEA) Multan

Following PSTs & C-IVs are hereby placed at Tehsil Warehouse FTBs.


CEO(DEA) Multan aims to the purpose of, productivity, improving management, Planning , and executing all task legally in Govt. high , Higher Secondary Schools (M&F) Multan District.

Disclosable Information

Documentary information from District Education Officer(SE) orders , notifications or notice are available.


Results under the leadership of worthy CEO(DEA) Multan in Govt. High , HSS Multan district are progressive . Details are given .

How do We work?

District Education Office (SE) has many different branches working in the office. Each Branch deals with particular assignment. The branches are responsible for all type of work of with the same nature. Our Following branches are working in CEO(DEA) Office.

Admin Branch

Deals with the teaching staff , vacancy position , departmental permissions , complaints and many more.

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General Branch

Deals with the enrollment, UPE , USE Compiegne , Private Schools Certificates , Census Duties , PEC Exams and many more.

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Budget & Accounts

Deals with all death claims i.e. pension cases, benevolent funds , insurance etc. Also deals with educational funds, School Management grant  & FTF (Faroogh-e-Taleem Fund ).

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Planning & Development

Deals with the  construction of rooms , toilet blocks , boundary walls , dangerous buildings ,computer labs etc,upgradation of schools , SNE Budget , security of schools and many others.

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