The Competent Authority (GOVERNMENT OF THE PUNJAB SCHOOL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT LAHORE) has taken a serious view of incident of collapse of school wall in which a student died in Bahawalpur . In this regards strict instructions are issued from  Vide No. DD(M)/Security Measures/20I7 Dated Lahore, November 10, 2017.

All Head of Govt. & Private Institutes are directed to follow the SOPS as under.

  1. The dangerous school buildings must not be used for any activity involving students. Students should not be allowed to enter into all such buildings. These dangerous public & private school buildings may be repaired / reconstructed on top priority basis.
  2. The electric wiring and electric motor pumps of the schools must be maintained properly and there should be no risk of any electric short circuit etc.
  3. t must be ensured that drinking water in the schools is not contaminated. The water tanks should be properly covered and maintained to avoid any risk of contamination / dengue virus.
  4. The schools employing transport for students must obtain a Fitness Certificate of the vehicles. It must be ensured that all school vehicles are in good condition and safe for travelling.
  5. Safe exit of students at the time of closing of schools must be ensured. For the purpose of safe exit, a teacher must be deployed on gate daily basis.

All Heads of Govt. & Private Institutes are directed for  strict compliance of  instructions issued from SED Lahore. Strict action will be taken in case of  non-compliance or any mishap.

Download attached  Security of School Buildings Letter issued from SED Lahore.