Message from Riaz Ahmad Khan ,  District Education Officer (SE) Multan

I am extremely disappointed to share with you that our educational system is also bothered with the problem of corruption.

Education and ethics are the most pivotal role which can fight against corruption. Today hereby, I request you to play your role to make our education system corruption free.

Corruption in education department has to be seemed in many ways. We can stop it personally, by improving finance and procurement system in our schools and offices, by making access to the offices directly and making quality and quantity control in our school systems.

Head Teachers in Schools are requested to do their best to help us by delivering lectures , presentations , seminars in schools to motivate and guide our your generation to avoid any illegal way to adopt in their life .

No one is required to pay for his or her any legal task to execute it fast.  Mostly official matters are delayed or process goes slow down, it may happen due to policies and official work flow.

School teachers and public can direct access to the office without any hesitation. No official concern will ask you to pay him for any of your task.

In case of any problem, issue or query regarding to your execution of your legal work , please inform us .We will take strict action to make our education system corruption free because it’s legally and ethically our duty. 

“Say No to Corruption”